Sweepa, established in 1975, has transformed from a family business into a renowned brand in the cleaning industry. Our breakthrough came in 1992 with the introduction of rubber brooms globally from the Netherlands, setting new industry standards. We have since expanded our product line, embracing innovation and quality. Our services include in-house research and development, advanced production technologies, and a manufacturing network across South East Asia, South Africa, and Europe.

We specialise in natural rubber cleaning tools, underscoring our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Our efforts extend to creating sustainable jobs, especially in Sri Lanka, supporting local communities and adhering to international environmental standards like the Kyoto Protocol.

Sweepa serves a wide customer base, including major retailers and industries. Our Sweepa Rubberware symbolises excellence, innovation, and environmental responsibility. After more than three decades, we remain the leading choice for eco-conscious consumers and various industries, blending quality and sustainability.


With the Sweepa Brand, we have dedicated over 30+ years to excellence, innovation, and a deep commitment to our community and environment. This journey, spanning three decades, has been adorned with over 100 prestigious awards, recognizing our global achievements. These honors are not just a reflection of our business acumen; they signify our unwavering dedication to making a positive impact in every aspect of our operations. Here's a glimpse into the awards and recognitions that have defined our path and underscored our commitment to excellence.

Presidential Recognition

State President's Export Award: Awarded by Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki, this prestigious accolade recognised our exceptional export performance for two consecutive years, underlining our contribution to South Africa's economy and global trade.

Excellence in Export

Top Exporters Award's : Our sustained success in export activities was honoured for three consecutive years, showcasing our strategic business practices and our standing as a leader in international trade.

Leadership in Business

Businesswoman of the Year Finalist: This nomination celebrated the vital role of women in leadership within our organisation, highlighting our commitment to diversity and excellence in business management.

International Trade Show Awards

Sweepa and Sweepro have consistently excelled at international trade shows, earning 'Best Stand' awards for our innovative and interactive booth designs. Our products, known for quality and ingenuity, have also won 'Best Product' recognitions. These accolades at global events underscore our industry leadership and creative prowess.

Media Recognition

Features in Elite Publications: Our story of relentless excellence and innovation has captured global attention, leading to features in top magazines and newspapers. These articles highlight our unique business model and significant industry impact, amplifying our global presence and influence.

Environmental and Community Dedication

Sustainability and Community Initiatives: Beyond business, we're committed to environmental sustainability and community support. Our efforts include funding campaigns and aiding soup kitchens in South Africa, underscoring our commitment as responsible corporate citizens focused on making a meaningful impact.


Welcome to the new age of Sweepa Rubberware (Formerly Sweepa Rubber Products)

We have undergone a transformative makeover, introducing a new logo and vibrant colors. Our redesigned website ensures an effortless browsing experience, allowing you to explore our premium rubberware offerings.

At Sweepa, our commitment to delivering top-notch products remains unchanged.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Explore the new Sweepa – where quality meets innovation.