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Sweepa Carbon Charter

Neutralise your individual or corporate carbon footprint!

We consume more than our equal share of the world's non-renewable resources and must reduce our consumption and production patterns and lead more sustainable lifestyles.

There is an urgent need for action to reduce and neutralise carbon emissions as well as reduce poverty on a large scale globally.

By creating sustainable livelihoods for the poor, living conditions in the developing world will improve.

Why rubber trees?

The planting and growing of fast growing rubber trees, which are highly efficient in binding Greenhouse Gasses (CHG) has an immediate effect.

This carbon sequestration effect continues until the tree is harvested 30 years on in maturity; and in perpetuity through continuous planting of trees.

Sweepa are continuously investing in existing and new rubber plantations in Sri Lanka, for the past 16 years our rubber injection moulding factory has produced more than 60000000 rubber brooms and brushes of various sizes and designs and we are one of the largest independent consumers of natural latex on the island of Sri Lanka.

Each person that buys an original Sweepa product has helped in some way to neutralise their carbon footprint.

Here is your chance to give back to the planet.

In the developed world, each one of us produces 10 tonnes of carbon gasses each year.
You can help to reverse your personal sequestration by only planting 10 rubber plants per year.

Plant a rubber tree for the planet!

Buy your rubber tree from Sweepa and a tree will be planted and registered in your name or in that of a loved one. A certificate of ownership will be emailed to you.

Visit our website www.sweepa.com and follow the link BUY A RUBBER TREE.

BUY ONE GET ONE, a Sweepa slogan created almost 25 years ago!

In celebration of our website's 20 year anniversary! If you buy one tree, you will receive a second planting absolutely FREE!

Buy 1 get 1. 

A rubber tree costs USD 10.00 for you to purchase, we will not only send your certificate of the planting, but you can follow the tree's progress on our website, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Our 2014 Sweepa brooms and brushes will have engraving for THE PLANT A RUBBER TREE programme.

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