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Fragrance Infused Natural Rubber

Ceylon is the Spice Island of the world. Since the days of the Romans, Greeks and Moors and throughout the Middle Ages, this axis on the silk route has always offered an abundance of naturally grown herbs and spices; which in turn creates fragrant and natural aromas.

During our production process our Ceylon natural rubber gets infused with natural fragrance oils which then results in our natural rubber products to have a wonderful fragrance.

Introducing our 3 new serendipity island fragrances:


In Sri Lanka 95% of the world's top grade cinnamon is farmed and processed. This pure exotic spice not only has a rich wholesome fragrance but is known to reduce cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, has anti-bacterial properties and many more qualities.


Coconut is the heart beat of the island of Sri Lanka, highly nutritious, rich in oil, fibres and rich in aroma.


Vanilla is cultivated in vines and hand pollinated to produce this very delicate, complex floral aroma.

All three of these products are hand cultivate in Sri Lanka (Ceylon), which creates much needed employment predominantly for women in villages affected by the 2004 Tsunami.

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