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In house design


Sweepa has pioneered creative packaging for rubber brooms and brushes. Sweepa's in-house design department produces dedicated packaging requirements for the range of products. Sweepa designs packaging for leading distributors of brush ware world-wide.


A wide variety in-store displays are available. The displays are functional, highly visible and designed to maximize available space.

Product Design and Development

Sweepa's in-house research and development department is constantly updating the present range and developing new, exciting, functionally superior products. The R&D department is up-to-date with the latest trends in design and color. In some instances Sweepa has initiated and lead in new design trends. The result is innovative products of the highest design standards.

Private label

Private Label Packaging

In addition to Sweepa as a house brand, we produce a range of customized and private label retail cards for a number of broom and brush manufacturers and distributors world-wide. Sweepa values private label customers highly. The range has been especially selected to complement the customers' range of products.

Private Label Design

Sweepa will design products to customers' specifications. This may include changes in color, design, size and application.


Sweepa has been involved directly in the production of more than 40 promotional videos on its range of products. The videos included live shows, in-store promotions, direct television response, promotional ads and infomercials in more than 12 languages.

Sweepa's experience in the field of audio/visual representation is of a very high standard. This expertise is offered to our customer base to the mutual benefit of the marketing of the product range.

In-store merchandising

A well prepared programmed of in-store merchandising is available. Products are available for American and European formats. Whether it is for standard racking, promotional or aggressive in/out actions, Sweepa has a programme available to suit any need.

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