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Product history

Pioneered in 1897, rubber brooms and brush ware have evolved to become the benchmark of brush ware today. The first rubber brush was designed in 1897 by Frank Downing Gould, of Port Richmond, New York, USA. Little did he know at the time that rubber brooms were to revolutionize the way we clean today.

Rubber brooms were widely acknowledged for their durability and hygienic characteristics as opposed to conventional brush ware. As early as 1959 the rubber broom became the standard cleaning tool for hairdressing salons all over the world. The first classical rubber broom was patented by Vincent La Posta in France in 1959.

During the 1980's, several design improvements were incorporated that made rubber brooms available to the general public. Their wet and dry and multi-purpose applications became an instant success.

In 1993 Sweepa pioneered the successful introduction of rubber brooms in the public domain from their head office in the Netherlands. Sweepa is still today acknowledged as one of the best demonstration articles in the world because it actually works and does exactly what it claims to do.

Sweepa owners world-wide are the best ambassadors to this wonderful product. Developments and improvements over the years have resulted in a wide range of Sweepa cleaning tools that vaguely represent the first models.

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