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Who uses Sweepa

Sweepa established itself in hairdressing salons. Salon managers highly value the benefits of a rubber broom. Hairdressing salons use the rubber broom all day to remove hair from their floors.

Sweepa pioneered the demonstration of rubber brooms at consumer exhibitions world-wide, other than the great sales success it has created tremendous market awareness for this effective cleaning tool.

Direct selling developed and Sweepa became a "must have" product for mail order catalogue stores, direct television response groups and door-to-door selling organizations world-wide.

Today Sweepa is available at retail and professional levels with great success.

Who uses Sweepa?

A broom is not a luxury item, it is a necessity that is part of our daily lives. Sweepa is the ultimate cleaning tool and replaces a wide variety of conventional cleaning tools. There are only two types of people:  Those who HAVE a Sweepa and those who NEED a Sweepa.

Sweepa is loved by pet owners, kennels and veterinarians for its hair collecting and hygienic capabilities. Restaurant owners value the effectiveness, hygienic qualities and the wet-and-dry use.

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